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We have some very interesting friends

Lately we have been visiting studios, openings, art things and the such every day. Today was no different as a day, we went to visit the Kesslings but there is always something slightly different going on there.

So today we saw a cat in the pram

a cat in a pram

(no cats were harmed in the taking of this)

The cat in the pram was in the newly finished beautiful house; a house with an astro turf hallway and amazing natural light. The house that had visitors viewing works in the Open Studios and studying girls preparing for exams and younger girls playing the recorder so it was probably just a normal day in the beautiful house filled with beautiful artwork with a beautiful family, a dog, a cat and a picture by my friend Jo, a memory from the Art Fair.

So now I find my children inspired by the post-it note revision almost installation type event and I’ll suddenly be learning a lot more every time I move around our house but in the meantime I want to finish the owl jumper making started yesterday for whirly (here’s one I made last year for someone else) and the surfygirlarmwarmers (pictures to follow).

right, off to find those post-it notes notes

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One Response to We have some very interesting friends

  1. kate kessling June 9, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    We’ve framed Jo’s chair and it looks superfab! Kate x

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