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Wanting to finish the beautiful Onda

I really am wanting to finish Onda ~ I have been ticking things off, cards, designs, patterns, plans, posting things, writing up things, prepping for the markets (and Christmas – yikes – family knits) and it’s the Onda calling. But still there is more to do, another post to put up for the Secret Market, more leaflet drops to do, all things that aren’t helpful to sitting still and knitting.

My Onda (Ravelry link) has been resting, even though I catch a glimpse now and then of it’s beautiful sheen. The yarn is a beautiful camel/ silk mix, Oasis Grande and the colours are my favourites – yellow/orange and grey/mouse brown.  I am probably not selling the colours there but I can already imagine wearing it.  You know mouse brown/ grey really is a good colour…

Onda, by the Bird Wall

Onda, by the Bird Wall

The first time I saw Onda, worn by the designer Lydia Gluck (one of the pom pom mag girls) – I knew I had to make one (at this point bear in mind it wasn’t a published pattern, it was at the secret point). I found the yarn from Skein Queen, a little bit of a cheat as I was helping out on her stall, guessed things and hoped it would work out. It did feel a little mean to do that, take the yarn but it had already been out for over 24 hours and I felt temporarily bad when someone came back wanting one and I had to say “sorry, we sold it all” (blimey, I promise you I usually do give up yarn) but the Onda was to be  mine.

So tomorrow must be more leaflet dropping, more blog posts, updating sites, answering emails and then maybe the last bit will be knit and then I can wear my Onda.

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One Response to Wanting to finish the beautiful Onda

  1. anna October 24, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    she’s looking superb. fingers crossed for you to get some finishing time!

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