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Trying to post more often

Maybe a reason that I haven’t been posting so much is the fact there are 3 buildings to be looked after, a crazy idea about moving house and that my once small twins reached the grand old age of 15. That’s all.

I am trying to keep up though but after a flexible arrangement with this site (ie not keeping on top of it) I am endeavouring to re-find my voice and it is hard. I type, re-type, undo type and then ponder, then suddenly days have gone by and still the number of “drafts” grow and the number of “published” languish. So to break this cycle please forgive my words and let me just slide back in here.

I am trying to write up things and finish things off that have been knocked back and included in this list is a project that I first came up with design in 2005. Whilst I hang my head low, let me say that back in those days I didn’t write up patterns, I knit what I felt like, I was enraptured by colour and never thought “hey, maybe someone else will like this” but here they are: Eschers – fill the gaps.

Modelled by Twin 1 and her oldest friend (there are 8 days between them).

The sleeve extenders came about as I have very long arms, jumpers never seem to reach the wrists and sometimes my studio is chilly and whilst I need freedom of fingers I would love warm wrists. The pattern will be published late October and will include instructions for two different lengths (just in case you haven’t got long arms like me) plus the neckwarmer. There will also be kits available in case you see me in person at shows, The Secret Market etc.

It would be lovely to see you in person some day.


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