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The things I have made – running away to the sea – part III

So the packing that we all take in our family trip to the sea predominantly involves things to make, or make things with or to play with. Clothes packing is pretty low comparative to projects to see through. Twin 2 had already discussed a jumper he wanted (remember his previous design foray)

As usual there was a time pressure (mum, when will it be ready, mum do you think it will be ready by Thursday), the design specifications (it must be a crew neck, I don’t want it too tight or too baggy, not too¬† long mum, make sure it’s not short, it has too be stripes but in same colour, mum one of the stripes has to look holey)

the boy jumper

No pressure there then, swatch done in Mariana Yak bought from Skein Queen. Cunning plan, one yarn type DK the other laceweight and fingers crossed. It took a total of 8 days from start to end, incuding weabing in all those stripes, 12 rows DK, 4 rows lacewight. The boy loves it, it was barely dry from blocking and he was wearing it, in fact I think it has featured heavily in his wardrobe since. If you are interested Ravelry details here

He barely would do the photo but it was a requirement

the boy jumper

the boy jumper

And the other thing that happened was my never ending love of yellow.


My pair of Stevenson Gauntlets designed by Kate Davies.

Stevenson Gauntlets

Twin one was much more accepting of photo shoot on the beach


I love the huts, and the sand


and the way that the colours of the sand and pebbles make me think of these


The things I have made

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