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The things I have done..

The things I have done – there is a reason why this blog has been a bit quiet lately. Firstly there was the Reading Contemporary Art Fair, I should have been exhibiting, that was one of my deadline but life stepped up, my mojo slid and other priorities came by – so that maybe that should be the things that I haven’t done. But I did get to curate a beautiful stand of outstanding work so thank you to Kate Kessling, Paul Kessling, Lisa-Marie Gibbs, Charlotte Broomfield Payne, Sue Mundy, Salvo Toscano, Fletcher Prentice, Natasha Zavialov, Jo Quinn, Anne Wilson, Sally Castle and Julie Simmonds.

It is a busy time of year for everyone and you can see more of the work of Kate Kessling, Paul Kessling and Salvo Toscano at this months West Berks Open Studios, Julie’s work at Caversham Arts Trail, Sue Mundy at Henley Arts Trail and her own open studios, Natasha Zavialov, Jo Quinn and Sally Castle at Whiteknights Studio Trail.

The Reading Contemporary Art Fair is hosted by the nicest people ever, there is a great atmosphere and if you were to spend your money on an “art fair” this would be one to do. It was so very busy, saw many old friends, and sold work plus Lisa-Marie took this picture of me, which for once I actually like – it reminds me of so many things.

the things I have done

Then with hardly a breath in between, it was time to start working with a new group, running art sessions and straight into Aunt Elsie’s Spring Fling. I love Aunt Elsie’s but being the person who is responsible for everything, means that over 4 days, there was only 16 hours sleep in total and not because of sleepless night but getting up early for marquee installation, waiting for security, getting hold of things but Aunt Elsie, even though at the end I feel like a shaking wreck I still love the way it feels. I can’t wait until Aunt Elsie’s Christmas Do, mulled wine, mince pies, spending 3 whole days with creative inspiring people and making a underused space look different. Aunt Elsie’s is completely booked up for Christmas and has a waiting list but if you’d like to sign up, leave a message over here.

Aunt Elsie's Spring Fling

Aunt Elsie’s Spring Fling

(Whilst I am blethering on about art fairs, there is a great article over here at UK Handmade talking about a different approach to art fairs.)

So the first day after Aunt Elsie’s I went to London with A & L, to meet my brother, his other half and my nephew and go and see The Light Show on its very last day. Bleary eyed I may have been but it was a fantastic exhibition and I am glad I made it, against the clock.I even made it to Sweden Calling to buy the shoes I have been coveting for so long and yes, I did get yellow ones…

Swedish Hasbeens #swedishhasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens #swedishhasbeens

So what next? I’ve got my class this week and then when I finish that and the evening session on Wednesday I am taking some time out, just to make a plan, finish some knitwear designs off, work on my shipping forecast project and get things done ahead of deadlines, you know what, I might even get time to write more on here, all about the things I have done.. and the things I will be doing.


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2 Responses to The things I have done..

  1. Zoe May 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    I LoVe your hair and you look sooo gorgeous in that photo! I’d love to do (both) your classes too, but as i’m a bit worried about new flexible income, not sure I can afford it… Will there be more? Zx

  2. alabamawhirly May 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    yes Zoe, they will be running again : )
    Thank you for the hair love too

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