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the sea

So I did find some space, it was here




By day, it looked like that






By evening it looked like this


Sea and space, there are other beaches in between and there are other spaces as well to stay but these two are my perfect matches.



It is so silent there at night that my first night home in the urban meant a night of little sleep – the noises of the street kept me awake.

The place we found was just by chance last year and this year when we arrived there was a treat of a homemade Devon cream tea waiting for us.


So the five of us just did the things that we loved the most, all be together, surfed, walked, laughed, talked.




There was a chance to take pictures of the test knit done of Ysolda’s cria using Skein Queen’s hand dyed Desire


It has secret yellow pockets, partly because my long monkey like arms mean I need extra yarn for the sleeves and partly because that would be something that I would do.









It also may explain why this jumper is becoming more complex, is there more of me in my offspring then I know – his design and instructions are coming more particular and it will be secret pleasures as passer bys just won’t know.














But mostly we did this: tasted salt water in our mouths, got sand between our toes and spent time together in a secret hideaway by the sea

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2 Responses to the sea

  1. Dorothée April 16, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    thank you for sharing these beautiful moments !

  2. Felix May 27, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    I’m just catching up with your blog… this post is beautiful. I love all the details of your pockets, the test-knitting, and your children’s specific knitted-garment requirements! I love that one can personalise knitting to such an nth. degree. And your descriptions of space and quiet and surfing are all very evocative and lovely.

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