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The countdown has begun



Candles are knitted (over 100 according to our amazing candle-count-o-meter), cake sides and tops finished, swags, bows and rosettes ready to go and tonight is the start of the assembling. That is a lot of sore fingers sewing together an amazingly large amount of knitted cake. Full credit to all the outcasts and members of the public who have joined in to help us create this cake for Jacksons special birthday – to be fair the sauciness of the candles in their natural state did raise a few eyebrows and the best photo to date for retro cheekiness has to go to Bombella

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One Response to The countdown has begun

  1. Kate Kessling September 8, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    I just love the look of these candles, can’t wait to see the cake! ‘mazing! XXX

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