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Stripes and filling the gaps

Somethings you may have noticed:

My beautiful new logo – created by Lewis Design. I love it and working with Pat, I had to say my favourite things and if any of you know me in real life you will know that I want to paint the gallopers for Carters. The new logo reminds me of the galloper style and that it is almost a gallopers name.. Pat also makes beautiful things and is a knitter so it was very lovely to work with someone who “got me”.

Secondly – a new pattern

This was my very first design that I ever posted on etsy and sold on January 18 2006. Look at the scary photograph – so basic but so much to learn… I┬álove the way Eschers work moves in a simple pattern from one colour to the next, it’s this that inspired me to think about stripes. They just seemed to work by being log sleeve extenders so here they are. I will also be making kits of this pattern and selling finished items handmade by me or you can alternatively just buy the pattern (which includes 3 variations) and make your own.

Thirdly – something Christmassy appearing.

The Eternal Mistletoe for the Perpetually Hopeful, always useful, you never know when you may need it. This is available as a pdf download or by the end of October there will be printed cards for sale which will include a download code for the pattern too.

Literally my head is whirling now, I have been making drawings for someone else too but there is always a chance that if I have disappeared, come and find me at Carters painting the gallopers, that’s where I will be!



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