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If you go here you may be able to view an abc news piece about Etsy.

I joined Etsy in October 2005, as member no 6,000 something and now when you hear how many millions of members there are it sounds huge but still for me Etsy retains a certain amount of feeling like a family. It felt like we were testing things (sometimes we were), migrating from Beta to the Etsy it is now, having live chats with people all round the world, seeing early friends who are now fully fledged members of the etsy team such as Amity aka AllThoseThrees. What makes it exciting are changes and ease and the feeling you have of control over your own space, being part of a bigger thing, being in street teams, having a space to chat, respecting each other and a space to try things out. I have changed from the person who made things now as gifts for friends to someone who was overwhelmed with her first sale to a real person in the US to then having one of the first ever etsy alchemy commissions for Rokali aka Rob Kalin himself – and if you want to know it was Hobo gloves in Etsy orange of course.

Rob Kalin says in the video piece that you get to know the story of the item of the person who made it so it means more when it comes into your life but that is why I love Etsy, it is handmade, there is a story that starts of with Rob and his mates who are tech wizards who invented things like time machines and alchemy and made listing simple and easy and made it possible for my things handmade in Reading UK find homes all over the world and in turn enabled me to find beautiful things by other people and develop friendships too.

And being 25 years old when you start something has a familiar ring, there must be something about that age that brews ideas of possibilities that then become other things and maybe you will know what I am on about

Thanks Etsy for the support, creating friendships and opportunities, it has made a difference.




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