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Some things I have found

Here are some things I found:

  1. penguins or rather a penguin found in the snow and it makes me smile

    Found Penguin

    Found Penguin

  2. saying what you think – I said some things out loud that have been keeping me awake at night for a long time, then other people say they are thinking the same as you and it makes you realise that maybe it is right.
  3. starting to paint and draw everyday is like taking a lid of something that can’t be replaced, like popping a cork on champagne or opening a tin of sardines, it can’t be undone, it doesn’t stop and it’s perpetual and you remember it never went away, you were just pretending
  4. the world wide web can be an amazing thing and a good friend lost because of war and regime can be found again many years later
  5. Here is something else I found/ got sent to me many years ago (April 2007) and I passed on, where is it now?

Something I know, Skein Queen wrote some lovely things about me over here, you can win patterns from me and hand dyed yarn from Debbie, that is worth knowing.

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