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so since I have last been here

It’s been a little while since I have been here, workshops, things happening, designing, making, finishing thing up so here are a few highlights from my past few weeks.

Finishing up the forget-me-not:

forget-me-not,  Lobelia Pattern by Meghan Fernandes

Lobelia Pattern by Meghan Fernandes


Got caught in an almighty rain storm, but it was beautiful although damp:

Shoreham Beach

Shoreham Beach


Spent time trying to photograph bluebells for a project:

In the woods

In the woods


Watched the cat guard the shoes (or maybe the box):

Katinka, shoe box stake out

Katinka, shoe box stake out


Further cat episode involving stalling a project to be finished (I can’t believe I am turning into a mad cat woman, whose idea was it to have them anyway, certainly not mine)



Made a lion:


Spent a lot of time with Lisa (which is lovely) with The Yellow Suitcase Project (please read their blog/ story)

The Yellow Suitcase Project


Made a new outdoor plant/cool box thing (well put a kit together)



Went to MERL village fete, met the lovely talented knitters and designers Joyuna and Bombella, ate ice cream and made a print:

(check out Ella’s illustrations too, further down her blog..)

MERL village fete - the print workshop

MERL village fete – the print workshop

Made this block print, already destined as a thank you card:


Got ahead of myself making stock for autumn:


Ran a granny crochet class (here’s a snippet from the instruction leaflet), drawing class this coming weekend

Granny sunburst

Granny sunburst

And here’s some of the work one of my granny students made in the following week:



And then had a brilliant day out with Lisa again, visiting Wemake London and Loop.


Apart from all that I have been working on a secret project with Skein Queen, it’s hard to keep it under wraps until you can here more about that …






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  1. Ella June 17, 2013 at 12:08 pm #

    Wow you’ve been busy! Love the Granny Squares! And the Yellow Suitcase Project is amazing. Thank you for linking to me. And I’m very excited to see what you and Skein Queen have been up to!

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