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After today’s flurry of feeds about snow, photos and tweets it’d be easy to talk about snow, add a picture or too but this post has been brewing in my head for a few days. It may have been the constant reminding that snow may cometh or it may have been the fact that the press release for The Fifth Elephant contained the lines It’s snowing. It’s freezing. Maybe it’s the rush of snow related knitting, the snowflake blanket (mentioned previously here) or the son’s snawheid hat?



Maybe it’s because I watched a programme on Tove Jansson (also known as the creator of the Moomin Series) or the numerous Danish and Swedish things I seem to be watching. Maybe it’s just the craving to wear thick woolly socks, jumpers, hats and look out of the window.



I was thinking about our family and north and south, a paternal southern line, a maternal northern line (where snow really is snow), also the idea that we had some kind of Norwegian connection. Don’t know why or what, but that keeps sticking in my head – is it because I really want to be in the snow? Although to be fair, I would be completely rubbish at any snow related activities – I am like Bambi on ice, legs everywhere and I have tried more than a handful of times. Skiing? – the fear of not stopping and just plopping over the edge, I am sure that doesn’t really happen but you  know I visualise falling down the stairs quite often and that happens too in real life to me.

Good things about the snow: the sound of crunchy feet, the way the streets seem to become quiet, less traffic, more reasons to hibernate and make things, another opportunity to fully use the knit items, great light for taking photos, having a bath and seeing the skylight covered in snow, wearing my thrummed mittens.

I’ll just take another peak from the window..


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