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Sharpening things up

Yes, there are a lot of things that could be doing with being sharpened up in my life ~ that reminds me of that that love quote from Blackadder, when Blackadder says to Queenie "life without you is like a blunt pencil without a sharpener ~ pointless" but I am digressing here a little.


What I mean is that somewhere in my head is an idea that a New Year means starting the year afresh, cleaned house, things sorted, ideas for future plans – I am not sure where that comes from as I am not a compulsive cleaner but I keep thinking it goes back to my maternal lineage. I do know that I find New Years Eve a bit emotional and maybe that’s because the prospect of tidying up is too much…


But seriously, there feels so much to do, good things, challenges, bringing things out to show and tell and one thing that has been happening is that Blackbird (a design friend) has been working on the alabamawhirly side of things, working on changing the pattern layouts, just generally sharpening things up you know. I have learnt a lot in the past few years and work with an amazing group of artists, designers, knitters who give feedback and so some things have changed. So far the new templates are being used in the Jackson Birthday Candle, Saltire Mitt and now the arrival of the new and improved Anarchy in the UK Handwarmers.  New and improved as now the chart is worked on one size needle with just a variation in the number of working stitches plus basic info on working them flat ~ so I am hoping that may help out a wee bit.


And in case you are wondering, we spent New Year’s Day in London, darting backwards and forwards across London, pressing our faces up against windows to shut wonderous shops such as Loop and we ended up at Sadlers Wells to see Cinderella choreographed by Matthew Bourne – a much better way to see the New Year in.





Us on the way home

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