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secrets and good things


I know it feels like a long time since I have been here but I have been working on secret things and not secret things that need to be photographed. The secret things are filling up my suitcase of gifts waiting to be given, so they will stay hidden but I might take a picture of the suitcase. The not secret things that need to be photographed is because I am waiting on models (gone are the days of compliant smaller children now I have fully sprung teenagers that have a social life and a n other who’s old age vanity is setting in).  Then added with the fact that there are new designs waiting to be written up and a secret joint project with someone else there feels like there is probably not much too tell but this month is very exciting.

Firstly. Wovember – a month celebration and campaign for Wool and that is real wool, not mixtures of fibres that may have the teeniest wool element ever and still is described as wool but the kind of wool that is wool. Many of my favourite things are made from wool, 100% wool, wool that smells of sheep as you knit (I know that sounds strange but I love it). Visit the site, sign the petition and join in.

Here’s something that I wish you could scratch and sniff the screen to smell, it is delicious and saved for a friend who I know will love it. The yarn is Beiroa, made from the wool of Bordaleira Serra da Estrela sheep. That make sit even better for me, that it’s from there via Retrosaria. The pattern is Arncott, by Jen Arnall-Culliford, from The Scrumptious Collection Volume 1.

Secondly, I have been caught up in the hexi-puff, if you watch this video of tiny owl knits you’ll get why, it made me giggle a lot and hexi-puffs are a good way to use up  all those bits of yarn so the last bits of the snicket colours from the unfortunate blanket,  a 13 stitch pattern blanket with a 6x6x6 edging and destined for scary story telling will have a twin which is the deadly bee sting blanket (pictures to follow). Included wil be The Radleys and Snow Whites Apple too, stuff to haunt minds. That’s the plan.

But if you want to spread some love and happiness, support indie designers and contribute to a group project that will raise money to change lives, then join the Beekeepers Quilt, you can donate two hexipuffs and enter the draw so you can have your own beekeepers quilt all made with good intentions and no scary bits at all.

Now some happy hexi-puffs already waiting for the new quilt.



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3 Responses to secrets and good things

  1. Joyuna November 10, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    Hey, I can see my hexis waiting in the bowl! :D

  2. alabamawhirly November 10, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    Joy, did you see my twitter message to you this am, you were featured in the knit email I got today – yeah!

  3. Becks November 15, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    Oh dear, am I the only person NOT hexipuffing? Love that piece of knitting you’ve shown, great pattern.

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