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rowing weekend

That is a rowing weekend on the river not a rowing weekend as in arguing. To say rowing weekend may be a bit of exaggeration, more like one hour but I have a hideous blister on my right hand thumb that has burst and is sore which means knitting is a little painful but I can still do it.

rowing in Henley

We were meant to be doing something else and in a pique of bright ideas late on Saturday night I thought it would be a good idea to go rowing on Sunday with my friend and her daughter – all good except we are not talented at rowing plus we were hampering the serious preparatory training for the Henley Regatta – it wasn’t intentional and we apologised once we rectified the situation and pulled ourselves out of the hysterical laughter.

Then we get into the swing of it again and all was good. Summer and rowing is a bit like Wimbledon and tennis, just something that is a seasonal activity and for pleasure for me but I will promise to make a better effort next time!.

It has been a busy weekend, with visitors, OH away on tour, rowing but there was some knitting involved – I managed 13 rows of the unfortunate blanket plus knitted up another set of alfredos in yarn from sunshine yarns, I am hoping that this pattern will be finished within the next two weeks but we’ll have to see as I am working in a school for all that time – more pictures of that coming soon.

walnut alfredos in action

walnut alfredos in action

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