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A tale of four blankets

Blankets feature “big” in our lives, living in an old Victorian terrace house, well that and the fact that everyone loves to snuggle under them. To be fair they would bring their duvets down and lounge around if I let them but you have to draw the line somewhere (or hope to!). This is the […]

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Some other things from the end of last year

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A New Year

A new year, just five days in after a busy December and Christmas time, I have some plans for what I want to do in 2013 and already things are underway. A new studio set-up and a promise to myself to spend more time making my own work, painting and drawing, it has to be […]

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collaborations of love

The Wonderful Patchwork Butterfly (Lisa-Marie) and I collaborated on love. A old tin, a secret inside, available for a limited period here Suprise tin, secret love, stolen kisses A collaboration between two people who believe in the truest kind of love patchwork butterfly and alabamawhirly. We have collected the most beautiful vintage tins and boxes […]

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And the winner is….

So today I had a reason to visit London and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask my 2yr old niece to pull the name of the winner of the mistletoe cards. Firstly she was distracted by Mr Tumble Then there was some scooting to be done… Followed by a bit more sofa sitting and […]

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A couple of things I love:  the colour yellow, the sea, making things, conversations with good friends, doing unexpected things. Not sure if the current wips have anything to do with the above, they all seem blue. From L-R, The Family Jumper: you know in your head you’re making it for X but think maybe […]

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The Fog

I love the greyness, the way the light changes, colours were stripped by the fog this am and this afternoon the view from my studio. Perfect painting day for me, colours illuminated and masked by the fog.

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Plant dyed yarn: L_R, top row: cashmere comfrey and elder, organic merino cochineal and nettles, merino lichen. Bottom row: cashmere tea, merino noix de galle, merino onion skins

plant dyed yarn and inspiration

On Saturday, I went with Skein Queen, Melarno and Skein Princess to visit the studio of Elisabeth Beverley, maker of beautiful plant dyed yarn. It was an adventure, a sunny but cold morning (there had been snow in other parts of the UK) winding our way through the autumnal countryside and when we were almost […]

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Onda, knit by me

The Onda is done

I have finished the Onda, ends sewn in, blocked and ready for photos but the weather has just turned and it is really hard to get any good pictures on this grey day, so the birds have been removed from the bird wall and the son who was happily playing records (Bowie, if you want […]

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Onda, by the Bird Wall

Wanting to finish the beautiful Onda

I really am wanting to finish Onda ~ I have been ticking things off, cards, designs, patterns, plans, posting things, writing up things, prepping for the markets (and Christmas – yikes – family knits) and it’s the Onda calling. But still there is more to do, another post to put up for the Secret Market, […]

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