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The Alternative Queen

I missed the grand event of the unveiling of the Alternative Queen, it was just a sad week for me and I didn’t know if I could upkeep the smile but the lovely Steph did send me some photos of the grand crowning of the Queen, Dame La Reine.  It’s my first ever grown up […]

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In and Out

There has been much In and Out for the past few weeks, literally and metaphorically, there have been plenty of babies born, babies brewing and much talk about new life. Following on from this there has also been much making of things for small people, an Intrepid Fox to New Zealand, a Tawny Owl to […]

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Forgive the length of this post but there is so much to say

It’s been too long, too long since I last wrote here, too long since I last painted in my studio and too long since I had a day off. Two entire weeks with no windows of escape so please forgive the length of this post but there is so much to say. I don’t want […]

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An Alternative Queen

An Alternative Queen or the nearest I’ll come to being the Alternative Queen… I have alluded to it, just a little bit over here, I have been given the honorary task of creating the crown for the first Alternative Queen of Reading. By a set of extraordinary events (of course) Steph, one of the ogranisers […]

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Lost and Found

Really more found then lost. I have found that I never lost my painting mojo, its addictive. I completed the crown and sceptre for The Alternative Queen of Reading, using a lot of found things. I can’t show you just yet as it’s a surprise… Had a lovely studio visit with Lisa today and she […]

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I love colour, collecting bits that I find, bits from magazines, papers, leaves, things on the floor, making colour in my sketchbooks repeatedly. Then equally I love tones of grey, mutes and hues, the way the snow made everything look monochromatic and then a pop of colour here and there. You know the question “what […]

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Found Penguin

Some things I have found

Here are some things I found: penguins or rather a penguin found in the snow and it makes me smile saying what you think – I said some things out loud that have been keeping me awake at night for a long time, then other people say they are thinking the same as you and […]

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After today’s flurry of feeds about snow, photos and tweets it’d be easy to talk about snow, add a picture or too but this post has been brewing in my head for a few days. It may have been the constant reminding that snow may cometh or it may have been the fact that the […]

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amazing people

Ah, yes I get to work with so many amazing people. Work is probably a loose version of what you may expect, what I should say is “be with, create with, plan adventures with”. Yes that’s more like it. I’m trying to contain my excitement, there are good things happening, chances to be with exciting […]

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This week that was

So this week I started to set up my studio and became entranced by it’s beauty It doesn’t look much from the outside, just a town centre office block but inside the light is beautiful out onto the buildings opposite and their brickwork and tilework (which you don’t see from the street) is captivating. And […]

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