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one very loved cat

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one very loved cat, originally uploaded by alabamawhirly.

Storm, as Louie says, is part of our family – he is more than a cuddly toy. He came Christmas 1999 and he still goes everywhere with Louie. He has been washed, scrubbed and combed many times but he has a flattened grubby fur look now and the only bits that are fluffy are the bits under his armpits (do cats have armpits?).

Storm always looks like he has a smile on his face and is as well travelled as my children, who incidentally are better travelled than me in the past few years. Storm has been all over the UK, Spain, Jersey, France and San Francisco. My heart slightly bolts on these journeys as I am wondering what will happen if gets mis-laid?

Storm is always one of the main characters in many of Louie’s short stories, plays and poems – an inspirational cat. Soon I may receive permission from this young author and write up a snippet or two here.

There is no other cat like Storm, with his exceptionally long skinny arms, a large bottom and always just dangling perfectly from under Louie’s arm.

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One Response to one very loved cat

  1. iant September 30, 2007 at 2:26 pm #

    Sounds like Storm is Hobbes to Louie’s Calvin.

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