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I need a 36 hour day today, there is so much to get done before I can lie down and sleep again today – but there is already so much done as well that I want to tell you about.

Firstly, here’s my letter *O*



This is just my letter in the knitted poem project – the outcasts will be holding a knit together and we will be stitching some words as a part poem teaser. I am also knit support, along with my knitty friends kurlyknits and melarno and we each have 39 knitters to look after each. I spent all last week emailing them all and found myself caught up in conversations with people I would never have met and in some instances there were strange co-incidences even though we were miles and even continents apart. So that proves that knitting is the World’s first language ; )

In between catching up with work and life generally, Bama has started to carry her knitting around with her everywhere – she has even opened a Ravelry account (the road to hell), inspired by her friend RosieBug. It has proved much hilarity on our walks/picnics.

going crazy

going crazy

Tomorrow, the kids and I are going up North to take some photos – on the train to Penrith, then picked up in the Land Rover and off to the farm to photograph a new campsite resplendent with Shepherd’s Huts, tree climbing, fire pits and lots of sheep/ cattle/dogs/chickens/donkeys. Last time I went, I returned via the train with a huge bag of fleece. I was making anarchy mitts on the last trip and this time I am sorting out my snowflake catchers (no pictures yet ~ sorry).

I might even start a new challenge ~ the lovely allycoll was a winner on my last blog giveaway and she was really lovely and sent me this crochet (yes, gulp crochet!) pattern. She has 12 designs available on Ravelry right here. My granny taught me to crochet, I’ve never read or followed a pattern but lovely Ally has said she will be my hooker friend.

I need more hours in the day but before I go, I wanted to show you a picture of someone knitting on the beach in Portugal ~ it was a mere 40 deg celsius, I could barely focus and she had her knitting out, it’s the lady on the far right of the photo under the blue and white umbrella. It is a rubbish photo as I was trying to be discreet with my phone! She was knitting continental style with the running yarn around her neck – it just made me sweaty thinking of it… only poolside shade knitting for me….

beach knitter

beach knitter

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2 Responses to *O*

  1. alabamawhirly August 19, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    for more on the knitted poem, see today’s Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/aug/18/giant-knitted-poem

  2. Pomona August 19, 2009 at 11:31 am #

    I have knitted on the beach in Wales – does that count? But I think that I probably had my coat on. I love the idea of knitted poetry – I wrote about Mme Defarge from A Tale of Two Cities in my PhD thesis – but I think your knitted text is a bit less sinister!!

    Pomona x

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