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Noah, Joseph, Oliver and Alfredo

This has been a week of events and treats and delights – I thought spending my birthday at my favourite place was going to be the highlight of the month but the past week has been full of inspiring delights.

I continued working at my favourite place, creating sculptures with the children. I have over 120 photos top view and edit but some will be posted up on the jelly website as soon as possible but I am still reeling from the finale.

giraffe sketches

giraffe sketches

I can’t help but show you a sneak preview of the giraffe sketches but that is nothing until you see the sculptures. We worked every day until Wednesday evening finishing the pieces, working on the movements of the animals and talking about what would happen on the Thursday. A couple of writers were at school too working with the children around language and sounds and this was going to be used for the finale on the Friday. The children had no idea what was going to happen on the Thursday but they had made masks/hats relevant to their animals, were coming to school dressed in those colours and had created animal movements. On the Thursday am, the junior school came to the field in costume with umbrellas as requested and saw a telegraph pole with a sail (installed by the staff) and bunting that demarked the ark. The class groups were already split in half, one part audience and one part actors and the actors took their positions (they swapped for the second half so everyone got the chance to be both). The sound system was relaying the sound of a storm at sea and the sky began to behave appropriately. The children had no idea what was going to happen next but an actor as *Noah* appeared, telling the story and all were entranced. He called the animals from their places, a group at a time and they joined him on the ark.

first group on the ark

first group on the ark

He called for them to form the roof together and they opened their umbrellas and then the water was turned on – it was a garden spray, fixed to the top of the sail that showered them all. This is all a culmination form a water project they have been doing which using recycled water they ave created rills and streams and waterfalls and holing points and gulleys throughout the school grounds. The whole event was completely entrancing and magical and moving and made me think how these kinds of experiences impacts on our ability to work in a creative, co-operative and open way. When we started this project I had no idea what would be created or how they would look but each piece had every little person’s fingerprint on it.

infant school ark moment

infant school ark moment

All the sculptures created by the children are in situ around the school and the sculpture trail was formally opened on Thursday – it was fantastic to walk round stumbling across groups, drawing the works, chatting and finding out things. The project finale on Friday was a radio show created around poems by all the children with the writers – what a week!

As if this was not enough of magical moments, the schools departing children were performing Joseph, 4 shows over 4 days so long long days. I know I am biased being the mother of one of the narrators and The Pharoah plus adoring the other narrator and Joseph but it was brilliant show. It was so sad to think they would be leaving this school and to see how far they had come and the fact that my son is still ad libbing all the way (much to the audiences delight). What a way for them to go – it felt so exhausting, laughter and emotions running high.

The 2 narrators, Joseph and Pharoah

The 2 narrators, Joseph and Pharoah

It’s hard to get your feet back on the ground after all that and there wasn’t much room for knitting with the odd bit of costume making/ adapting to be done as mine were also in *the Workhouse* a reworking of Oliver the Musical, this weekend – with my son as the principal part and my daughter having a pretty big part too. But all those line learning and singing times are over now for the moment and we are slowly getting back to normal which is a good job as OH has just returned form being away on tour with auditions of X Factor so he’s probably had enough singing for a while.

Any my fourth man, Alfredo, my handwarmer pattern, has been written up – just having it checked now and then I will post about it here with some kind of opportunity to get a freebie – I just love it anytime you write things, hearing your thoughts so feel free to write something here! I will try to be inspired and think of a good topic unless you have any better ideas?

To top it all??? I feel like the cat that has got the cream : )

The wonderful ukhandmade.co.uk had written up a piece about me here

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3 Responses to Noah, Joseph, Oliver and Alfredo

  1. Pomona July 18, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    My daughter has just been in a production of Joseph at school, too – it is just as exhausting for the watching parents, I think – that nerve-wracking combination of anxiety, anticipation and pride – and sheer amazement that your little baby is standing on a stage, singing and dancing – and enjoying every moment!

    Love your blog- I found you via Angharad.

    Pomona x

  2. alabamawhirly July 19, 2009 at 3:05 pm #

    It is exhausting but fantastic – so lovely to have met you and angharad is one of my favourite makers : )


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