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new kits, new week, new aspirations

paper dolls

So I couldn’t make a choice and above is a picture of my paper dolls, as referred too here, I made the gorgeous Poppy from the knit a poppy for Remembrance Day project, did another 13 rows on my unfortunately large snicket blanket and began work on one of the commissions. By the way, this is all free time knitting as my working life is quite chaotic at the moment. I have been involved in an organisation for the past 16 years of my life (I am the founder) and at the moment the workload is heavy.

I don’t want to fill up what is my personal/ knitting/ other life blog with info about the things that are going around and around in my head but I am finding that the surplus of projects on the needles is helping me have some thinking time out of the *office*. Part of the problem is that the organisation and me are so intertwined and I have a sense of responsibility but like many arts organisations (we are not alone in Reading where we are based) we are facing uncertainty and if we will have a home.

We are just about to launch some empty shop window projects at the same time as knowing that our present landlord wants the office/ workshop space back in March so our project delivery and the other arts organisations we look after including arjeea21, outcasts, The Voice Studio, hang-on artists and various individuals who we support will no longer have a physical bricks and mortar building that we can all grow from.

This takes up so much of my thinking time, how the organisation will look, how we can safeguard the other groups that we work with, how can we continue to deliver our education and one to one work whilst at the same time delivering activities and providing a positive buzz. One of my fellow artists n the town has just posted an interesting question on the hang-on forum (I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read as a non-member but here is the link).

When I set up jelly it was to show my work as an artist, work with other artists in a co-operative way and the jelly has always been a non profit-making organisation. What do we need? A benefactor would be wonderful but we have always survived on the goodwill and commitment from fellow artists, who like myself do this because we believe in it, it is not a paid job. The immediate future? – today I will be delivering one-to-one workshops with adults with special needs, then organising the artists to go into the 3 empty units and working on the press release and copy, followed by covering the after school art club and then an evening strategy meeting ~ a light day in the office then. (office is a loose word as where I work is more a creative workshop, with yarn, colour, glitter, art, paper, paint…).

Some of the best things about jelly? Meeting other artists and being able to provide opportunities for other artists and events. So a few days from now we will be prepping for the book launch on Sunday with Ysolda, Skeinqueen and the outcasts and thinking about painting walls next week and installing three shows.

It is because of jelly that the outcasts came about, that I got to meet skeinqueen and the fabulous kurlyknits who designed our labels for our kits. Below is the newest kit to join the family, it is for the johnny rotten handwarmers (anarchy in the UK) ~ the pattern is viewable here and in the kits we provide you with the hand dyed yarn and full instructions.

johnny rotten handwarmers kit

I am excited every time I see someone making a pair on Ravelry or at knit night – it feels odd to see someone making something that you have designed, odd in a good turning of your tummy exciting butterflies way and even better when they are finished. The outcasts were fame-moose this week, in December’s edition of Knitting Magazine and also Skeinqueen and my Mitten Kits were in their essential Christmas Gift Guide, as one of the 18 best kits knitting has to offer. That made me smile.

The Essential Christmas Gift Guide, Knitting, Issue 70 December 2009

Random other magazine moment, my family are in Cosmopolitan Bride Dec/Jan – amazing you may think but it is my gorgeous Sister-in-Law and her beautiful wedding this summer – you may remember, the Sari wearing one.

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2 Responses to new kits, new week, new aspirations

  1. skeinqueen November 10, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    Love, love, love the colours of the Paper Dolls. Hoping jelly all works out and you find a new home. xxx

  2. Ellen December 15, 2009 at 5:16 am #

    I’ve sent the information for the kits to my husband! I’m hoping he takes the hint!

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