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Knit Nation 2010


All back now from the excitement that was Knit Nation 2010 and there was much excitement.

Without too much info there were :

  • screaming stampeding knitters heading for the Wollmeise stand, (slightly terrifying)

  • smell of lovely sheepy things (it is a good smell, I promise)

  • a delight of people wearing handknits

  • fun and laughter with old friends and made friends in the real world with people we only know in the virtual world

  • and we almost sold out of skeinqueen's wares,

I did get some treats for me (photos to follow another day) and something for the whirly the younger – an Elijah kit bag (a cute calico bag with pattern and yarn inside…. whirly the younger has already made the head, trunk and is onto the body!). I think she may end up being better at knitting than me.

We had a fab time, it was completely exhausting and all the pics I have seen bear witness to the fact that even though we were not under the influences of drink and drugs, we had attained the look and behaviour that we were. They were all very long days, ending with the Ravelry party. We arrived there in a fug of a haze having had a supper of 4 croissants and a packet of fig rolls between the 4 of us… what a feast. We only managed to carry on as the sweet Martini (new knit boy) arrived with a bag of haribos so sugar fuelled we arrived at the party, which skeinqueen was one of the sponsors for. We were given a kit bag – a party gift on arrival with a picture of Bob on a bus (this will mean nothing to some of you, but some knitters will get it)

Ysolda had set up a photobooth for the party and this was taken in the stages when I hadn't quite worked out what was happening (it had been a long few days and sugar fuelled etc…)

Sunday felt like a confusing day, it was strange to eat food that was both warm and on a plate and without having to answer questions at the same time. I also felt like I had been on the biggest drinking session for a long time, obviously I hadn't but Sunday was wiped out… it's old age setting in. Why does that happen when I still feel like I am 26 (chosen good times year)?

I did manage to get to work on Monday, also went to the Outside:Inside meeting, to hear how first weekend went and planned for this coming weekend. It has felt like a week so far of paperwork, updating, meetings, admin then I look in my knit bag each evening and see the items waiting to be given as presents, some baby gifts for this coming weekend (no pictures yet in case they get spotted) and a lap blanket for a friend.

I have also been working on the project for Jacksons for September so the new free pattern will be up here soon, I wrote about it back in 2007. I am beside myself with excitement that we are creating a piece and doing the window display. Happy happy days.

Anyway, summer holidays continue. I am lucky that my kids are creative individuals that love visiting festivals, art, knit things, are quiet in meetings and are pretty self sufficient. Hell, they even laugh when we go for a walk in the rain and come back a little wet.




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