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Is it being a workaholic when you love it so much?

We work really hard in this house for many reasons – sometimes it’s hard to think of it as a job as it’s a way of life, in fact it’s more a life choice than a job as in the main it doesn’t generate a wage. Money comes from various ways and it’s about balancing things we love doing, making, being and earning money to do those things and pay the bills. It’s hard to differentiate a line between jelly and my life – they are intertwined, I love them both.

So this week being at jelly means moving out of two shop windows, one pub, a photoshoot for Dan Le Sac (so getting them into the building), opening the doors for a team of paranormal investigators, signing off a lease on a nightclub.

This week being at home means going to Paris for the day with Whirly the Younger with our cameras (thank you baby bro for the ticket treat).

Add to the two, the normal plans, you know the everyday stuff, making things, seeing people, planning projects, timetables, fitting in things the kids need to do and you have a full day/ week/ month/ year… The best bits? Seeing and meeting up with people – those grabbed opportunities for a one to one chat, in cafes after meetings or visiting new venues made by people we love. 

Ending the week with a visit to a church to watch a film, this film, one of my favourite oldies and then time for a visit to a gin joint me thinks. It’s about life balance you know.



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