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In and Out

There has been much In and Out for the past few weeks, literally and metaphorically, there have been plenty of babies born, babies brewing and much talk about new life. Following on from this there has also been much making of things for small people, an Intrepid Fox to New Zealand, a Tawny Owl to the south coast, a Crown for a toddler in London and various other items posted on their way to Australia, Sweden and Portugal. So many things being made and sent Out.

My parents arrived for a weeks visit, for a family party. There were wooden tree deliveries to Skein Queen for her adventure (without me) to Edinburgh, there were parents evenings at school, school concerts, teaching, events and things to do, so there was much Out too.

Then my aunt who was In and Out of hospital, then she was back In and Out again – she’s too young to be doing this, only 10 years older than me – so plenty of popping in and visiting, then there was me, meant to be going for a big Out to Southwold but misaligned timings and losses meant I missed going Out.

Then there was the very big Out, my “grandad” unexpectedly passed away and true to myself this year, even though I didn’t want to add these moments in here I am finding that not talking about this has made me lose my words, a mental block has arisen. I can’t paint in my studio, write words, even making things – I have changed to someone temporarily that I don’t recognise, just doing one thing at a time. Being busy, but feeling like nothing is achieved, doing much but getting nowhere. So thinking it’s better to get these things out as soon enough there will be people coming In to my space. So I have changed some more things, I have chopped off my hair to Urchin style and this weekend I will dip my toes In the sea and let it all come Out.



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2 Responses to In and Out

  1. skeinqueen March 25, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    absolutely the right thing to do – get it all out, then ride your grief, sometimes dipping below the surface when need-be, but not for too long. Sea air will hopefully help enormously. Thinking of you xx

  2. fatima malagueira March 25, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    Beautiful post. Release is the way forward, I find refreshing sea air will always blow the cobwebs away and helps me think more clearly. Enjoy your trip xx

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