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I may have said this before: Rain, rain and more rain

I think there is a theme here, I don’t think it has actually stopped raining enough yet to dry the roads since I arrived back 48 hours ago – I am sure it must have at some point but the river is flowing high and every time I walk outside the rain is tipping down.

I’d forgotten how much it rains and have been going out dressed as some strange dog walker to try and keep dry but no matter how many layers you have on it gets to your skin – that might be where the rain trickles in over my boots, or swings under the hood of my raincoat or drips of my raincoat direct onto my knees.

It did stop may jumping in the river today and am not sure why as she was already wet.

Five things I miss about Portugal:
Pai e Mae
No rain
Hearing the sea
Being able to learn another language and practice it on strangers

Five things I missed about England
Hearing the hub bub
my mates who I could chatter wildly too in a freestyle way and they could understand me

I will keep looking at the little gnome’s blog to keep me up to date

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One Response to I may have said this before: Rain, rain and more rain

  1. machi January 12, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    Are you *sure* you missed the rain in England?? Or was that a typo?? ;-)

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