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I may be a little bit daunted

So when I thought of this project there didn’t seem to be much happening, then suddenly there was a month of festivals, other projects happening and now a week from today I will be in Jacksons, hopefully with an almost finished cake.

A work in progress

This is where it is up to now:

One structure

A three tiered cake (if you squint really hard)

So far we have over 100 candles made, stuffed and ready to go ~ thank you everybody. 

About 10 ft of i-cord created to swag the cake,

a bundle of rosettes being made by wildfennel this weekend,

knitting for art is working on the lower cake top (there is no other way to describe it)

melarno has rescued me by taking home the top tier cake to finish knitting.

So I am sat here, escaping for a few minutes whilst pondering my 288 stitches on one needle, realising I am only half way through the bottom tier and wondering if this was really such a good idea… I think I’ll answer that next week.

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