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I love a competition

It’s been a crazy few weeks, lots to do, lots got done and now I am feeling in need of some respite/ laughter.

There is nothing as good as hearing other people’s funny stories and that is exactly what I feel like I need to hear right now (I know I am impatient). Is it really really only me that mad things happen too ~ in fact I could fill up days and days of pages on here, rambling on with mad stories, cringey stories, stories that make you laugh so much you would cry ~ yes that is my mad life and partly the inspiration of the name Mad Mabel.

mabel is mad

mabel is mad

So Mad Mabel came about as I was relaying a story to my lovely knitty friends, amongst them the SQ and saying how I feel like I am in my early 20′s, with a smile on my face and funny, charming and sweet but the reality is that the *young people* look at me as if I am a bag lady, slightly loopy (that’s probably about right) and definitely not young. Is it the fast approaching old age that makes me slightly cuckoo, I feel like I always have been but am now thinking maybe I am more crazy then ever??

Please don’t make me feel alone, think of this as your project to rescue someone from craziness by saying *it’ll be okay, dear*. What I really want to hear are stories from you (please leave them here in my comments section) of crazy things you have done, funny things and especially the cringey stuff. I’ve organised a little meeting of some of the finest mad minds and on Monday 12th October at 6pm BST, we will pick an honorary Mad Mabel (or Malcolm) and they will duly be sent a pair of Mad Mabel Sock Blockers and maybe even another little surprise….

slightly crazed offspring

slightly crazed offspring

If you want to be mad and not tell the world why, you can buy moustaches from Lupin or sock blockers from Skein Queen, Mad Mabel or me!

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9 Responses to I love a competition

  1. Pomona September 28, 2009 at 1:02 pm #

    I seem to be the first maniac to comment! You know why, of course, because the sane won’t, and the mad don’t realize that they are. I know that I have a reputation for being slightly eccentric, so I thought that I must have something to say … except that other people’s aberrations are my norms (or is it vice versa?). So I tried to think which of my, possibly crazy, habits elicit the most looks of kind incomprehension, and it seems to be my habit of losing myself, even on the most familiar of journeys. My spatial and directional skills are sadly lacking, and I will print out a Google map and directions for even the shortest journey, but Google leads me astray as well. When in my mid 20s I worked about 20 miles away I would regularly get lost on the way home, once turning the wrong way on to the motorway and adding about 30 miles to the journey. A friend was going to take me to some fancy London event – he lived in South Ken, I in West – I spent an hour circling the gardens and squares of South Kensington, before I could finally puzzle out how to get to his flat on a one way square, the wrong end of which I passed many times in the process – far too late to go out. Quite recently I tried to walk to Tate Britain from Victoria, and after several goes ended up about 50 yards away in the smokers courtyard of a nearby office block, and it still took me about 20 minutes from there (even though I could see the place I wanted). I went to visit a friend only 8 mins away (according to Google) and ended up driving in circles round country lanes – when I finally parked up in desperation and called her, it was only to find that she was 2 houses away. And last week I missed the turning to take my son to his lift to school, it was a dual carriageway and miles to the next exit to turn round – and thus had to drive him 12 miles to school and back again, rather than a short hop.
    This seems to be rather a confessional and sorry tale of mere incompetence, rather than a manic tendency – but you know, roads don’t always look the same every time you look at the them, and if you reverse the direction of travel, everything changes utterly. People say that I should get out more, but it is a confusing and mobile world out there, and I might not find a way home before dark.
    From an ageing bag lady who sometimes forgets that she is not a teen rebel any more. Actually, no, often forgets. I had better go and buy something purple to remind me.


  2. Kurly September 29, 2009 at 10:49 am #

    I have a mabelish sister – does that count? When I was a few days postnatal with 2nd babe, and a tot in tow too, my sister (young graduate, ‘slim’ and childfree) popped in all suited up on way to city job to coo at children. I was barely awake, washing draped over every radiator, pjs on inside out, breast pads in disarray … so barely awake that I didn’t notice that she’d brushed her shoulder bag against the radiator and it’s velcro tab had attached itself to an ‘item of laundry’.

    A man in the queue at the newsagents did try to tell her that ‘something was hanging from her bag’ but nearly got a rap on the knuckles for trying to retrieve it for her so he smiled and left her to it. In fact lots of people were probably smiling at her that morning, but it wasn’t until after she got settled on the Paddington commuter train and removed her bag from her shoulder – she said she let out a muffled squeal when saw the uber pair of maternity panties that were hanging from her bag. I so nearly bust a stitch when she told me.

    As for me – am I the only one who’s ever driven the car to work, parked it up for the day, then completely forgtten all about it and lesiurely walked home at the end of the day! :) Just the once though.

  3. anna September 29, 2009 at 10:21 pm #

    i’m sure i do loads of bonkers stuff, but i sure can’t think of anything now that i need to… hmm, can i tell you about my grandparents instead? although maybe the fact they’re genuinely old gives them all permissions to be as mad as hatters (i love them dearly by the way, but they are in their 90s)… anyhoo, for years they left the plastic wrapping on their dining chairs so that they didn’t get them dirty…they keep old calendars for years until the dates are accurate again and they can re-use them… they have owned countless video recorders, buying the new one because they couldn’t figure out the old one… my grandpa used to eat the red bit off edam cheese, until we told him it was actually wax, and he used to wash his hair in the water from boiled up stinging nettles (although i’m led to believe that this is actually quite ok!). my mum smiles quietly to herself of course because seeing as they’re my dad’s parents, she’s the only one not genetically related to them. but in all fairness, they’re still fiercely independent and have lived amazing lives. my grandma was a genius knitter too, we got new jumpers every year, and we wore them too!

  4. Crysti Copp September 30, 2009 at 3:18 am #

    I’m not constantly mad but now that I have children and am operating on only half a brain I find that I’m getting stupider all the time! I’m good at turning the wrong way on a one way street, searching all over for car keys which are hanging out of my pocket, forgetting names of good friends but never a character on tv, wandering into rooms and immediately forgetting why I went in there…
    Good thing my father in law has been an electrician in town forever and can get me out of about any lost situation I get myself into!

  5. Zoe September 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm #

    I think mine are so many and varied and now ingrained that I can’t even pick out which are mad and which are sane anymore… I think I amuse my fellow hover commuters by lolloping up to the hover semi singing to my mp3 player semi swearing because I’m always late and always pleasding to wwaaaaiiittt! for me! normally I have some huge puppet, sparkly A2 cut out for amusing 4 year olds or some such under my arm… Today I juggled enlarged pictures of broad beans, a green prototype broad bean hat and some dried pasta, beans and peas to do a harvest collage – then started expleting under my breath as the carrier bag split and everything went everywhere. A lady stopped to help and said “Mung beans! I’ve always wanted to know what to do with them!” Looking at me expectantly, I’m not sure she knew how to respond when I said, “Oh I cover mine in PVA glue, much better than pritt stick. I find an extra layer seals it beautifully…” and absent mindedly turned away with a grin. As it was 6.40am it wasn’t until I got on the train at 7.10 that I realised she had meant to cook them…

  6. stormina_teacup October 4, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    oOo I feel positively reassured now, that I’m not anymore adversley chaotic than many others out there :) What a fab blog subject.

    I met you at I Knit and was thorougly impressed with the Outcasts.

    Well to add my own little ditty of dottiness – I recently came up with the idea and appeared in the Naked Knitting 2010 Calendar – and I’m on the fourth plinth on Trafalgar Square this coming Tuesday at 9pm – where of course I will be knitting – naked or otherwise….hope that will suffice as a tale of nutty knitting. Lx


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