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Hello Insomnia, my old friend

Ah, Insomnia, my old friend

It may be because there is so much on my mind, so much to do, so much that’s already been done that sometimes it’s hard to even take a breath. Maybe it was the snoring in the bed next to me. I did all the right things, no late night caffeine, alcohol, having a bath and a relatively early night. Suddenly I find myself awake thinking about large bits of furniture and as I write this it reminds me of when my sister was sleepwalking and dreaming that there was a giant Mars bar behind the wardrobe and she was trying to move it. Wasn’t a dream though that kept me awake, just the thoughts of where am I going to move the large pieces of gallery furniture that need to be moved out of storage.

Then my mind turned to other things, good things to try and induce sleep, calm walks, the woods, the sea, friends and it all became so complex and layered that after a pretty long time of trying to resist, here I am writing things. Yesterday The Knitter, issue 41 arrived, and there we were on page 8, Dyeing to Unwind (link to info on Skein Queen blog).  Even though it is already well booked, seeing it in print made it more exciting and it’s now only 115 days away until we are there. I can’t wait, I know it will be inspiring, everything is in place and ready to go.

Excuse the photo, it’s a 5am on a dark January morning…

I am really in love with photography again (I always have loved photography) but a few weeks back Whirly the younger bought herself an old 1950′s camera that takes 127 roll film. I will take a picture of the camera at some point when everyone isn’t sleeping (the floor is too creaky to go rootling around in her bedroom). It’s incrediby hard nigh on impossible to find that film so after seeking online advice, we’ve got 120 film and I haven’t been able to find a black bag yet (obviously the answer is online) but once I do I will cut and re-spool the film and then we are systems go. Whirly and I were given a day trip to Paris for Christmas (thank you lil bro) so armed with cameras (we have quite a few variants now) we will be heading off to experiment and enjoy a different place through a lens or two. The film cameras we have here are causing the same intrigue as the record player so my excitement levels are rising and not only that knowing we will be developing our own films again. I feel the need to start cataloging things again, build a little library of images and the excitement of processing films, not quite knowing exactly what you have – ah. Roll on Paris



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2 Responses to Hello Insomnia, my old friend

  1. evelyn January 22, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Oooh, I’m green with envy. The retreat looks/sounds incredible.

  2. Vero February 20, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Looking forward to meeting at the retreat! I suspect I’ll learn a whole lot from the more experienced ones in the group and have a lot of fun ;)

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