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Forgive the length of this post but there is so much to say

It’s been too long, too long since I last wrote here, too long since I last painted in my studio and too long since I had a day off. Two entire weeks with no windows of escape so please forgive the length of this post but there is so much to say. I don’t want to miss these memories or kind of become confused by what happened when, did I see that, did I go there and all the other bits in between. And in the midst of all this I made a decision to make my brother a blanket for his birthday with only 10 days grace to do it in, mixed in with the other things, I did it and it is here (ravelry link) *


The highlights, so let’s start at the beginning:

I got kissed by the amazing Emmy the Great, she’s all of 7 months old now and comes to visit me in the studio with her mum. I am going to make her a crown designed by Dani Sunshine, because she will look so cute in it and it may work better then the headband attempt for keeping her hearing aid in place

I went to London Fashion Week with Whirly the younger (oh yes) to see DAKS AW13 show – you can see it here (although the music is nothing like the show music!). We had to leave the house at 6.30am on a Saturday, head to Somerset House, people watch, queue, then get rushed in and suddenly it was over. We were there as Emma (Bradbury) is a designer and offered us the chance to go as her guest. Lucky us, a busy long day (so we went to an art exhibition after) but lovely. There was art everywhere.

There was art in everything, even the trees

There was art in everything, even the trees

My stepsons birthday, he spent it with us – his last ever teen birthday and I made killer chocolate brownies from recipe from Bills’ cookbook – well worth the complexity (I’m from the chuck it all in school of baking) as they were so delicious

I finished some other things (apart from the brothers blanket) including a little Intrepid Fox, who is now on his way to New Zealand for baby Meela.

Then there was work, projects, half term, making flying birds, trees, painting t-shirts, running worshops and then there was Unravel – seeing friends/ knitters/ designers/ having a giggle and just hanging out with Skein Queen – she describes it all perfectly over here.

A yarn tree, they exist in the real world

A yarn tree, they exist in the real world

Then this week, straight from all that excitement, was a week of meetings and new things – inaugural meet as member of Reading Rep Board, the debate “The Future of Town Centres”, a careers evening for twin 1 and twin 2 (hell, I still don’t know what I want to do), finishing the crown for the Alternative Queen of Reading and then “I’m spilling my heart out here”

That’s how I ended my week, my heart was aching, it reminded me of being 15, it was all there, in front of us, a brilliant performance, warm, sad, funny, misunderstood, life changing moments caught for a time. It really did pull my heart.

Today? Who knows..

* Pattern is Mitred Crosses for Japan by Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Kntting fame

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