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competitions make me happy

So here I am sat here, feeling sorry for myself after a few hard weeks at work ~ there has been no time to breathe or knit and last week every night saw me arrive home after 10pm. Long hard days followed by the kids birthdays this weekend. In my sights I had this coming Thursday when I had managed to slice myself a quiet afternoon before class no 2 of the one skein knit class.

That was the plan anyway until 6.30 this morning when I landed thud thud thud at the bottom of the narrow steep stairs, banging head on the door into the next room so here I am, OH’s laptop on knee, said swollen foot raised and strapped and instructions to rest up for a few days ~ I’m not very good at that but it looks like I won’t be going anywhere very fast at all.

This photo was yesterday, our early morning walk in the sunshine… so I am off that duty for a few days.

The mad mabels convened yesterday via the worldwideweb and voted for the winners of the mad mabel competition. All the entries made me chortle, we all nominated our top three answers and there was just one vote between the winner and second place!

So an honorary second place goes to Kurly for this story.

I have a mabelish sister – does that count? When I was a few days postnatal with 2nd babe, and a tot in tow too, my sister (young graduate, ’slim’ and childfree) popped in all suited up on way to city job to coo at children. I was barely awake, washing draped over every radiator, pjs on inside out, breast pads in disarray … so barely awake that I didn’t notice that she’d brushed her shoulder bag against the radiator and it’s velcro tab had attached itself to an ‘item of laundry’.
A man in the queue at the newsagents did try to tell her that ’something was hanging from her bag’ but nearly got a rap on the knuckles for trying to retrieve it for her so he smiled and left her to it. In fact lots of people were probably smiling at her that morning, but it wasn’t until after she got settled on the Paddington commuter train and removed her bag from her shoulder – she said she let out a muffled squeal when saw the uber pair of maternity panties that were hanging from her bag. I so nearly bust a stitch when she told me.

and the winner is….


here is the winning entry

i’m sure i do loads of bonkers stuff, but i sure can’t think of anything now that i need to… hmm, can i tell you about my grandparents instead? although maybe the fact they’re genuinely old gives them all permissions to be as mad as hatters (i love them dearly by the way, but they are in their 90s)… anyhoo, for years they left the plastic wrapping on their dining chairs so that they didn’t get them dirty…they keep old calendars for years until the dates are accurate again and they can re-use them… they have owned countless video recorders, buying the new one because they couldn’t figure out the old one… my grandpa used to eat the red bit off edam cheese, until we told him it was actually wax, and he used to wash his hair in the water from boiled up stinging nettles (although i’m led to believe that this is actually quite ok!). my mum smiles quietly to herself of course because seeing as they’re my dad’s parents, she’s the only one not genetically related to them. but in all fairness, they’re still fiercely independent and have lived amazing lives. my grandma was a genius knitter too, we got new jumpers every year, and we wore them too!

Thank you everyone that took part, I am still giggling today : )

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3 Responses to competitions make me happy

  1. Kurly October 13, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

    Congratulations Anna! Strange feeling of familiarity came over me when reading your entry, esp. the plastic wrapping left on furniture!

    Lovely competition Alabamawhirly, love your blog. Hope you get a good rest-up and feel better soon.

  2. Kira October 13, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    Oh, sorry to hear about the accident – Winnie the Pooh style?

  3. anna October 13, 2009 at 8:38 pm #

    oh my goodness oh my goodness i won!
    so for my acceptance speech…
    i’d like to thank my lovely, but loopy grandparents, and of course the mad mabel convention!
    i am SO excited about my prize, as i don’t have ANY sock blockers, and now i’ll have the best ones!
    and just to prove that i have inherited the madness, yesterday i caught myself putting a glass away in the fridge!

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