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I love colour, collecting bits that I find, bits from magazines, papers, leaves, things on the floor, making colour in my sketchbooks repeatedly.



Then equally I love tones of grey, mutes and hues, the way the snow made everything look monochromatic and then a pop of colour here and there. You know the question “what is your favourite colour” – it really isn’t that simple, I love blues, greens, yellows, greys, neutrals, reds, but most often how they work with and against each other.

I found Skein Queen because of colour, it was the way she dyed her yarn, she felt like my colour twin. Her colours are complex and layered, inspired by other things and I have spent a few days in the studio with her helping during the dyeing process and it is much more like creating an artwork hence why so few of them can be re-created. Last week she wrote a blog post/ interviewed me/ asked a few questions and you can read it here.

The end of it was that we offered a prize of patterns and hand dyed yarn and I would pick a winner from the comments of colour combos. Sound easy? Nope, that was amazingly difficult, the colour combinations were so brilliant and every day I was checking them through to think about it, the only way to solve it was to write down the colours only, not the other words and keep thinking again and again. So many colour combos to love, even ones that would include a colour I personally didn’t have high up in my love favourites.  Thank you to all the people that took the time to take part, for the inspiration, filling my mind with colours and giving me such a hard task on a Monday morning!

colour words

colour words

But I did find a winner, raspberry and lime. Sharp and clean. I love it, outside of my normal palette (and as Skein Queen said “so surprising” and she was right).

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