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An Alternative Queen

An Alternative Queen or the nearest I’ll come to being the Alternative Queen…

I have alluded to it, just a little bit over here, I have been given the honorary task of creating the crown for the first Alternative Queen of Reading. By a set of extraordinary events (of course) Steph, one of the ogranisers of the event, contacted me to talk about did I know someone who maybe would be interested in making the crown. Hell yeah, that would be me!

Want to know what it’s all about:

Sick of being judged by your looks? Got what it takes to impress a roomful of people with nothing but the sheer size of your talent, personality or even ego? Then sign up for your chance to be crowned the Alternative Queen of Reading!

On March 8 2013, Shehnai will play host to a celebration of all that is different. We welcome all acts and talents – all we ask is that you do something related to the theme of, you’ve guessed it, women – “Wild and Wonderful Women” to be precise.  It doesn’t have to be PG-rated but we do ask that it’s respectful – after all, it’s meant to celebrate, not denigrate…

And yes, we know March 8 is International Women’s Day – but Alternative Queen of Reading is open to EVERYbody – male, female, trans, straight, gay, bi, etc. So long as you’re happy to stand in front of an audience, then we want to hear from you!

Alternative Queen of Reading

I am really delighted that all profits from the Alternative Queen of Reading will go to Berkshire Women’s Aid and can’t wait for them to reveal the Queens who have made it through to the event. You can follow the event over here

On Saturday Steph and her unsuspecting friend Tamzin, popped into the Alexandra Vintage opening on Saturday and before they knew it I was whisking them upstairs (over the bunting stair gate) into my studio at jelly whereupon they were adorned with the crown and the sceptre.


sneaky peek at crown ideas

sneaky peek at crown ideas

a little looksy at the sceptre drawings

a little looksy at the sceptre drawings

Here’s the inspiration blurb:

I love the idea of creating an alternative crown for the Alternative Queen of Reading – inspiration came from the Queen of Hearts, the Snow Queen, my Aunt Elsie and the idea of lost, reclaimed and found. The frame of the crown is made from a polar bear light sculpture we created a few years back, and I’ve decorated it with shiny and fluffy bits adopted from various tv programme and props, magnolias and glitter. The sceptre is a nod to my Great Aunt Elsie and involves using a tea cup from her set. Seeing it in my studio is making me smile and I hope it makes the forthcoming “Alternative Queen of Reading” – whoever he or she may be – smile too.

And here’s a clutch of Queens (wait until you see the rest I have…)

photo-41 IMG_20130204_1811531-150x150


(Finished products under wraps – you’ll have to buy a ticket to see them!)

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