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amazing people

Ah, yes I get to work with so many amazing people. Work is probably a loose version of what you may expect, what I should say is “be with, create with, plan adventures with”. Yes that’s more like it.

I’m trying to contain my excitement, there are good things happening, chances to be with exciting people, learn more, make things. Somethings I will be able to tell you from next week (hopefully).

I’m keeping things pretty much under control even though I am very excited inside, so instead of popping I am:

  • keeping emails to under 20 in each inbox, once dealt with, move them on to a file or something
  • drawing every single day, not just one thing either but more than that
  • finishing off abandoned things
  • updating the shop
  • setting a few deadline goals – this is a bit scarey as it also includes an open studio event, nothing like baring your soul.

There’s also quite a lot of jelly future thinking, thinking about all the amazing peoples’ paths I cross through there too.

But today, jobs done, drawings done and now off to finish up the little birdie pattern to then be test knitted. Anyone fancy trying it?

Little Birdie Dress

Little Birdie Dress



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