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A tale of four blankets

Blankets feature “big” in our lives, living in an old Victorian terrace house, well that and the fact that everyone loves to snuggle under them. To be fair they would bring their duvets down and lounge around if I let them but you have to draw the line somewhere (or hope to!).

Granny Blanket, circa 1968

Granny Blanket, circa 1968

This is the blanket that started it all for me, my granny blanket made by my granny for me, it’s had 44 years of constant love, made from 2ply wool, in areas it is almost felted with wear and I have had to do a few repairs in the last couple of years but I’d say it was holding out just fine. I love the colour palette, it feels so at odds with now and I love the colours together. It has caused a few disputes over the years as Twin 1 and Twin 2 both wanted it (hence the odd seam gap from the stretching and coveting). They did have blankets made for them when they were small but these are pram size and not growing teens.

The Unfortunate Blanket 2009-2010

The Unfortunate Blanket 2009-2010


Roll on to year 2009, Skein Queen‘s yarn club, a meeting of yarn, colour and Lemony Snicket and his series of Unfortunate Events and you end up with an oversized version of skein queen’s zig zag blanket (Ravelry Link), a combination of 13 st pattern with a 6 x 6 x 6 edging (well another 6 too but that kind of ruins the spookiness). This became the story telling blanket, for beach adventures, camping, winter nights and more and more I noticed it disappearing into twin 2′s room, with him forever entangled in it.

Bama's blanket 2012

Bama’s blanket 2012

Enter Bama’s blanket, a rampage of colour squares and irregularity (there are odd blocks of colour in amongst the granny squares), the first squares were made many moons ago and then with a concerted effort I made more, a lot more, in fact I had to add stripes in and odd shaped blocks just to keep me sane but she loves it.

The Snowflake Blanket

The Snowflake Blanket


Everything seemed okay, there were blankets aplenty, then I saw the Hibernate Blanket on Knitty and loved it, such a quick neat knit on big needles and this too has been claimed by the OH. That’s enough blankets for now, right?

a tale of four blankets

a tale of four blankets


Clockwise from Top Left:

Snowflake Blanket, Dec 2012, Winter Garden and Organic Chunky, 118 cms x 136 cms

Granny Blanket, circa 1968, 2ply wool, 142 cms x 200 cms

Bama’s Blanket, 2012, hand dyed yarn, mainly merino, 180cms x 165cms

The Unfortunate Blanket, 2009-2010, hand dyed merino yarn, 170 cms x 236 cms (yikes that’s grown!)

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  1. patchworkbutterfly January 8, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    Blankets to keep the soul warm, beautiful post x

  2. Zoe January 8, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    I LOVE all your blankets. I think they are my favourite thing to make. They make me feel cosy and happy just thinking about making them. Might be time to make another – time to stash dive! lots of love Zx


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